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Is the usage of SMS by Business set to grow? Reasons to try it today.

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Who hasn’t realised the potential of mobile and in particular SMS Marketing yet?

According to a recent report, it seems as if a lot of UK companies have just not grasped how effective SMS Mobile Marketing can be. Here’s a couple of highlights;

  • 86% of companies didn’t know that consumer response rates to text message marketing typically range from 15% to 30%, compared to 5% for email and just 2.61% for direct mail.
  •  Three-quarters of the those surveyed didn’t know that 97.5% of text messages are usually read within five seconds according to Ofcom.

However, two-thirds of respondents said they found SMS more effective than email and over two-thirds (67%)of business owners claimed they preferred mobile messaging and the mobile Web to mobile apps.

What’s the future for SMS Marketing?

At Text Marketer, we’ve been involved in this communication channel since 1999 – so we’ve seen a few things!

We’ve seen from our growth (and from some our our ‘more expensive’ – sorry, couldn’t resist – competitors’ growth) that more and more companies are understanding how effective low cost SMS is. But …. there still remains the vast majority of UK businesses that simply don’t embrace the medium. They are really missing out.

The FT reported, “Ofcom’s report shows that the UK has one of the highest levels of penetration of smartphones in the world at 58 per cent of the population, while just fewer than one in five owns a tablet computer.”. That means that almost 3 out of 5 customers in a typical business will be able to receive a link by SMS and go on and shop on a website – instantly, wherever they are!

According to comScore and the GSMA, 4.2 million UK consumers per month are using the mobile internet to visit retailers’ websites.  Moreover, Brandbank’s “2010 mCommerce Content Report” noted that growing numbers of UK smartphone users are engaged in shopping behaviour on their handsets; just 19% of smartphone owners surveyed in May 2010 said they did not use their mobile phone to help them shop.

Why not just email them? Smart phones get email, right?

Sure they ‘can’. It’s just that most people don’t have their email set up on their phones and if they do, they generally have excellent spam filters that get rid of bulk email messages. If you’re lucky, 10% of your emails will get opened. Compare that to around 98% of SMS’s getting opened …. and read …. within seconds of sending. How important is the message you’re sending?

I don’t believe you. You’re an SMS company so you would say that!

I get it, of course. Who would trust an SMS Company who says that SMS is so great!?

Here’s what I do though when the evidence is stacked so high. Test, test & test. I want to ‘prove them wrong’.

I’ve said this to so many customers. Why not try a test of 1,000? SMS Marketing is so inexpensive and quick to do that you’ll have your results – well, if you’re fast – within 30 minutes of reading this article. A test of this size will cost less than forty pounds – the price of an average meal out!

Simply send an offer by SMS to 1,000 of your customers and see how many respond (here’s a little SMS Inspiration we prepared earlier) …. you’ll be staggered. Try SMS Marketing today would be my advice – we won’t get rich on under forty pounds but you might.


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