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6 Myths of Mobile Marketing – Chapter 1

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This is the third blog series that we’ll turn into an e-book when we’ve completed all six chapters.

Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing and 10 Steps to Mobile Marketing Nirvana are both hugely popular and are definitely worth a read if you haven’t had the chance yet. 

So the world of mobile marketing is full of hot air and flatulence. As with all new technology, mobile marketing has fallen victim to any number of myths and outright bullshitery.

So this blog series will highlight a few of the most common fabrications so you’ll be better armed to get you involvement in mobile right. 

Myth 1
What I really need is an App to kick start my Mobile Marketing

No you don’t. You really don’t. BlackBerry revealed that 99% of apps get used just once. This astonishing fact means that the overwhelming majority of apps out there are completely pointless. The most pointless ones are those that are developed by big brands that more about ego stroking rather than delivering measurable results.

Unless you’re app is genuinely giving something useful or entertaining, then it risks being a liability rather than an asset. An app is often developed as a knee-jerk reaction to not having a properly thought through strategy. So the low-tech SMS is a far more sensible starting point than the funky new stuff. 

So rather than having to spend a fortune and waste countless days pondering what you’re app might do, you could set up a free account and start to use a business SMS service to communicate with your prospects, customers and staff more effectively. 

There is no setup cost or monthly fee. With no minimum order you can get up and running for just a few pounds. Let us know if we can help at all. 

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