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6 Myths of Mobile Marketing – Chapter 2

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The first chapter in the series looked at some marketers’ uncontrollable and illogical desire to build a mobile app, usually to demonstrate what an innovative, forward thinking company they work for. 

This myth tackles the common issue of over estimating response rates.

Myth 2
I can expect response rates of 20 -30% using SMS marketing

Expectations of what mobile marketing can achieve are frequently laughably overstated. While there’s no doubt that mobile marketing enjoys by far and away the highest delivery, read and response rates, it’s a good idea to keep your feet on the ground when it comes to predicting ROI on a campaign.

Essentially SMS is just another communication channel but it can’t transform a poor campaign into a good one. If a direct mailing piece completely bombed and generated zero response, then sending the same offer by text is highly unlikely to prove a resounding success. 

People can tend to get carried away by the use of a new technology. The thinking is that because they’ve never used SMS marketing before, it’s inevitably going to produce amazing results. Set the bar too high and you end up being hugely disappointed. 

The trick is to think like a consumer and be cynical. Why would I respond to this text? What’s in it for me? Could your customers see you message as spam? What would you think if you received a similar text from a different company? 

If you get the offer and tone right though, SMS marketing outstrips all other direct marketing channels hands down. In terms of response you can expect a maximum of about 8%, which beats mail by a factor of 5 and email by 100. 

If you’ve not explored SMS marketing yet, now would be a good time to get started. Opening an SMS marketing account is free and you’ll receive some free text credits for testing.

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