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6 Myths of Mobile Marketing – Chapter 3

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The last chapter in this thrilling SMS marketing e-book warned of the perils of setting the bar too high in terms of what response rate you can expect from SMS. This chapter dives into one of the most avidly discussed topics, legal compliance. Scary stuff.

My customers and prospects have not expressly opted in to receiving texts from my company. It’s therefore illegal to send them texts

Incorrect I’m delighted to say. If you have collected a customer or prospect’s mobile number as part of your discussions, or they are an existing customer, then you’re entitled to send them a text.

Here is chapter and verse from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

“You must not contact individuals without their prior consent UNLESS you have obtained their details in the course of a sale or negotiations of a sale, you only contact them about your own similar products or services and you give them the opportunity to opt out of receiving further marketing messages each time.”

All Text Marketer customers can use the free unsubscribe tool in their accounts ensuring that their SMS marketing campaigns stay the right side of the law. Each and every Text Marketer account is issued with a four letter unsubscribe code. If someone texts this code to 88802, they will automatically join the stop list. You are then unable to send texts to people on the stop list even if you try. It’s a failsafe system that means you can’t send a text to someone by mistake, who doesn’t want to receive anything from you. 

So thankfully the rules of engagement for SMS marketing are pretty logical and straightforward. If you have someone’s number because they gave it to you, then you can send them a text, as long as you give them the chance to get the hell off your list. 

To see how it all works, you’ll need to set up a Message Box account. This is free and as well as the unsubscribe system, your account comes with a host of other useful tools to help you get the most out of SMS. We’re standing by to help out if you need anything.

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