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6 Myths of Mobile Marketing – Chapter 4

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The last chapter in this series, talked about the legalities of mobile marketing. This latest episode looks at the costs involved.

Mobile marketing…..sounds on trend: I’m going to need a large budget.

One of the delights of mobile marketing is that you can get the ball rolling on a ludicrously small budget. So just how small is entirely up to you. There are no set up costs, contract terms or monthly fees to worry about and with no minimum text credit order, you can simply buy what you need for your first SMS campaign. So there’s no need to get horribly bogged down in budget meetings or go to the financial director with a begging bowl. 

You really can get going with just a few pounds and you’ll be up and running in a few moments. So if you haven’t yet discovered what the mobile can do you for you, then it’s not too late to get started. 

Firstly, get yourself a free mobile marketing account, it’ll take 2 minutes. If you’re wondering what your first campaign might be about, visit our Inspiration Zone. It’s packed full of ideas and advice. There are 2 very useful resources that I would draw to your attention.

The first is a short mobile marketing eBook called The Seven Deadly Sins of Mobile Marketing. It’ll help you avoid some of the most common and obvious pitfalls that could easily derail your campaigns. It’s short and lightweight and will only take a few moments to run through. 

The second resource is our Message Depot. This is designed to give you ideas on how to word your mobile marketing campaigns and may even give you a steer on what sort of offer to put out there. 

We’re always on hand to help out too, so please feel to make touch. Our details are on our contacts page.

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