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6 Myths of Mobile Marketing – Chapter 6

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The last mobile marketing myth was that only younger folk use SMS. Clear nonsense but a view that still persists. This one is all about new technology round the corner that will topple SMS off its perch.

SMS Marketing will be a flash in the pan, (Let’s sit this one out.)

We are persistently bewildered by how few companies are using SMS in any meaningful way. Our estimate is that about 30% have an ongoing SMS marketing strategy. There seems to be a resistance in some quarters to accept the reality that SMS is massive and it’s here to stay.

It’s horribly clunky, basic and restrictive but those who are holding out for a more dynamic and exciting alternative will have a long wait. You see the thing is that SMS has got under out skin and we’re reluctant or too lazy to give it up. There are perfectly credible alternatives to SMS out there at the moment such iMessage, WhatsApp and BBM. Even Skype with its massive take-up has barely made a dent in the dominance of SMS. The main issue with instant messaging apps is that you have to download them and then convince everyone you know to download the same one and start using it. Free and flexible they maybe but unless everyone starts using the same one they will remain somewhat impractical.

The killer USP for SMS is that every handset on the globe can send and receive texts.

So if you were hoping that SMS might quietly die, I’m afraid it’s looking highly unlikely. Those companies that have been stubbornly holding off, would do well to dive in. SMS marketing isn’t complicated or expensive and the benefits are very tangible.


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