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Text Message Gateway

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Text Message GatewayText Message Gateway from Text Marketer

Sometimes known as an SMS Gateway, the Text Message Gateway is a term used to describe a facility whereby you can send out text messages (or SMS) by connecting to the gateway.

You would normally connect over the internet, using our APIs but you could also connect via email by sending an email to a specially formulated address with the recipient’s mobile number in.

To get the most out of our Text Message Gateway or if you would rather create your own code then you can find the full RESTful SMS API documentation at Text Message Gateway Documents as well as example scripts for PHP, JAVA, C#/.NET, Python, C++/CLI, C, VB.NET, ASP & RUBY.

Why choose our Text Message Gateway?

Our 2 main selling points are that we’ve been around a long time, since 1999 in fact, so we have heaps of experience. That counts for a lot when you need a reliable service. And secondly because we’re so big, we can buy in huge volumes and therefore these savings are passed on to you in the form of the lowest prices possible (check out our competitor price comparison chart on the prices page).

Don’t settle for anything less.

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