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Google Checkout/Wallet is closing – Nov 20th 2013

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The end of an era for the giant of the web – they’re closing Google Checkout/Wallet on November 20th 2013.

What this means to you?

If you simply only buy credits on a one off basis then no worries, the Google Checkout/Wallet option will simply disappear as an option to pay before that date.

If you have a keyword or txtUs number on a Google subscription – then you need to act.

Here’s what you need to do if you have an active subscription via Google;

  1. Login to your Messagebox account and go to the Financials tab from the home screen
  2. Unsubscribe from any keyword or txtUs number that has an active Google subscription (don’t worry, it won’t disappear!)
  3. Then choose the Resubscribe option in the Financials screen and choose your payment frequency and confirm. The system will ask you to Pay Now for your next period. It’s OK to do this, you won’t be charged any more. You’ll get the product to the end of your current ‘end date’ plus the new amount of months you’ve chosen. If you’d rather wait to pay then choose the invoice option and wait to pay the invoice until your next end date. Either way, you’re not paying any more for your product.
    You’re now out of the Google system and in to our new managed subscriptions system – free to pay how you wish.
  • When you resubscribe, it will only start from the end date of your current Google subscription so you won’t be billed any more than is normal.
  • You will now go in to our ‘managed subscriptions’ cycle which means you’ll be sent an invoice 1 month before the renewal date of your product and you can either pay that by BACS or by Card online in your account.

What happens if you don’t do anything?

From November 20th 2013, Google will stop processing any recurring subscription payments. If you don’t follow the process above this simply means your payment will fail after this date and then you’ll get a notification from our system that you need to renew your subscription. You can do this easily by following the steps above.

We would recommend doing this well in advance though as please note;

  • If you miss the deadline or the notification email of a failed payment then your keyword or txtUs number may well expire which means it will eventually be removed from your account and all associated data and settings. Consider how important the service is to your business.
  • If you do this process in advance then there is plenty of time to put things right if there’s a problem anywhere.
  • It doesn’t affect your dates or how much you pay, so why not get it sorted in good time!?

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