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SMS marketing – Shake your customers’ lapels with a powerful attention grabber.

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SMS marketing

Most SMS marketing campaigns are dull, dull, dull. They tend to begin with an unexciting and safe opening couple of words; usually something like ‘special offer’ or perhaps ’15% off’.

It’s all too easy to roll out the tedious marketing speak and forget that you’re talking to real humans right now, this minute. There’s no excitement, there’s no passion, just the same old stuff sent out as 160 characters.If marketers can’t get animated by their own offers, how on earth can they expect their customers to care?

As with any marketing or communication piece, the opening attention grabber of an SMS marketing campaign is the most important part. It gives people a reason to sit up and listen. A good attention grabber earns you the right to their attention for at least the next 15 seconds.

So make that first couple of words count. You need to work on this harder than on any other part of the message. It’s an opportunity to be a bit daring and try something new and unrestrained.

We’ve put together a few examples on our message depot page. The idea is to eliminate blandness. Be bold and daring.

We estimate that over 60% of companies don’t do SMS marketing in any meaningful way. Is your company one of those? It’s a great time to get started, so please help yourself to a free SMS marketing account. It called MessageBox. You can set it up in a minute or two and it’s easy and pleasant to use. 

We’ll always be on hand if you need any help with the button pressing or would like to chat about any part of your SMS marketing plan. All our details are on our contact us page. 

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