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Managing sub-accounts couldn’t be easier

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Over the years we’ve managed to attract many customers that have multiple branches, departments or shops. So we have developed a system to make central management from a master account as easy as possible for these customers.

This is just one of the many reasons why PowerLeague – http://www.powerleague.co.uk/  has signed up with Text Marketer. They run 46 5-a-side football centres up and down the country, where thousands of matches and tens of thousands of players participate every week.

Our intuitive system has allowed them to set up one master account and then within that set up all their sub-accounts for each 5-a-side centre – allowing local staff to connect with players and staff – reminding them of kick-off times, updating referees and even communicating special offers or upcoming tournaments.

Head office controls the master account – adding and distributing credits to the 46 sub-accounts as required. Each centre simply has access to their own account – accessing their own settings, templates and contacts only.

To enable this feature contact us at support@textmarketer.co.uk – we’ll enable the Admin controls. Then follow the steps below.

Click on the ‘Admin Functions’ in the Menu dropdown in the top bar.

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You can then click on the ‘Create Sub Account’ button in the toolbar above.

Then a little pop-up window will appear which will ask you to type in the details of the sub account you want to create. If you have an agreed pricing structure with us then please tick the ‘Use this accounts pricing’ section.

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And that’s it your sub-account is created!

The account will automatically be given a username and password which they will be able to change once they have logged in using the ‘Account Settings’ section on the ’Main Menu’.

Then you can simply transfer credits between accounts by using the ‘Credit Transfer’ button in the toolbar above. Simply click the account you want to take the credits from, how many, and to which account.

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It really is that simple.

Sub Accounts

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