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Love it or hate it – World Cup 2014

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World Cup 2014 BrazilThe long wait is nearly over, we are now only days away from one of the world’s biggest global events.

Love it or hate it the World Cup will generate income for businesses all around the world – from the big corporate guys at the top to the little corner shops at the bottom.

On average 3.6 billion people watch the tournament worldwide and in 2006 where the tournament was played in Germany over 3 billion was made in retail sales, and over 400 million made in tourism for that particular month.

Your business may not be located in Brazil but that certainly does not mean you can’t benefit from this massive money making game.

If you haven’t already sign up for one of our free accounts and you will be sending messages out to your customers in minutes.

Let them know you have a special deal or offer on, that you are showing the football, or even that you definitely won’t be showing the football!

Mobile marketing is the perfect way for businesses to get across information to their customers and it might just be your secret tactical card that enables you and your business to be the true winner at this year’s World Cup.

Read more information on the World Cup here in our infographic.


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