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Apple Watch and iPhone 6 – the future is wearable

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Apple Watch, Apple Watch Review, Mobile Marketing, Business SMS

If you’re interested in technology or have a social media account you’ll know that Apple released the eagerly awaited iPhone 6 and Apple Watch yesterday.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus (a slightly bigger version) has certainly got everyone talking. They boast their biggest and best screens yet, more resolution and more pixels per inch.

The phones are bigger than their predecessors but are now thinner and have smooth rounded edges to excite their many Apple disciples.

There are some pretty cool features – Apple Pay is touted to replace your wallet. It allows you to make payments using your fingerprint and phone, no cards or cash needed. The camera has also been majorly improved and you can now shoot super slow mo videos – so get ready for the millions of slow motion cat videos you are about to subjected to.

A nice new app is called Health which sits in the background and lets you know how far you have walked, how many steps you have walked up or how effective your training session was. Fitness App developers and makers of wearable tech must be pretty worried right now.

Apple iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Review, mobile marketing, business SMS

Now for the watch…

The Apple Watch is the new product we were waiting for and I don’t think the tech enthusiasts amongst you will be disappointed. You can send and receive messages and updates in several ways from your wrist. The screen and design look exceptional as you would expect from Apple. The smartwatch bar has been raised.

One great feature that I picked up on is the maps system, not only will maps show you the way to your chosen destination but will also guide you there by tapping you with a left or right tap.

What’s great for us that Apple’s new releases play nicely and even enhance the use of the trusty SMS.

SMS remains the best way to communicate quickly and efficiently – whatever device or wearable tech comes along.

Anyway I probably have not done these products much justice so I will let the Apple bods smooth talk you into a tech trance…

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