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It’s National Grammar Day Write Now

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Always proof your SMS Marketing text

Today is National Grammar Day which marks the perfect time for your business to celebrate knowing the difference between rewarding ‘your great customers or ‘you’re great customers’.

The personal aspect of the humble text message should never be underestimated as a familiar, discrete and instant method of contacting your customers, but despite our familiarity with SMS – many businesses still seem to get it wrong.

The correct targeting, approach and planning can see your return on investment dramatically improve and the correct spelling and grammar is a key area to getting it right…

Dnt Use Tx Tlk

In fresh research conducted by Small Business Heroes it was suggested that 90% of consumers felt spelling and grammar errors were unacceptable while ‘txt speak’ was considered the most annoying for more than 50%, causing them to question the business owner’s competence.

Unless your customer base consists of teens and young adults, text talk can alienate even the most media savvy client and could cost in the long run.

Professionalism is still important while remaining personal. If you must abbreviate then stay to your character limit by keeping to standard abbreviations and avoiding slang.

Dbl Chk 4 Mstkes

While double checking for spelling and grammatical errors may seem like the obvious thing to do, many overlook the words they don’t need or confuse simple words such as ‘they’re’, ‘their’ and ‘there.’ Inside tip; when checking for spelling mistakes try reading your text backwards.

99% of online sales are closed through the written word which means that whatever a consumer decides to look at within the first 5 seconds needs to be 100% accurate. This is becoming increasingly more important for the SMS marketer as 98% of all text messages are read and on average within the first 5 seconds of receipt.

Don’t fall a victim to the Grammar police and cost your business money.

Sign up for a free Text Marketer account today and take a look at some of our cool Messagebox features – we’ll even spell check your texts for you.


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