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Life’s new universal remote: The mobile phone

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Life's new universal remote - The smartphone

“Pass the remote” is a phrase rarely heard in living rooms these days, because most of us are already carrying ours close by – in our pockets. The need to constantly flick between television channels has been lost as the average consumer absorbs a new world through their humble handheld device.

From 2009 through to 2013, TV consumption has reduced from 45% to 38% and mobile has grown from 4% to 20% – it seems that for mobile, the only way is up. (eMarketer)

Checked on average of 150 times daily and within an hour of waking up, by 70% of people (Net imperative), the mobile phone has kick-started a new wave of control for consumers, brands and businesses alike.

Checking our bank balance, transferring funds and paying bills from our smartphone has seen the high street bank queues slowly disappear. Apple Pay means we can soon leave home without our wallets and the ability to compare prices for goods as we shop has lead the way for brand competition. We can now even drive a car with our smartphones – the smartphone has given us way more control than we could have ever imagined, especially for businesses.

But how?

It is estimated that people in the UK are using some form of connected device 34 times daily, showing that the average consumers’ inability to leave their phone alone is the latest form of ‘addiction,’ with World mobile addicts up 59% this year compared to 2014.

We’ve even developed a medical condition – PPV Syndrome, 89% of us have it and don’t even know – have you? (Bank of America).

Just think: when you get a text message, can you leave it unread?

90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes of arrival

Although the recipient of your text has the power to choose to open your SMS marketing message, stats proving that they won’t are extremely low. This means the opportunity to exercise control over their purchasing, consumption or everyday habits is super high. 

Is there any other medium where you can almost guarantee the recipient will read your message? 

Whether you own a website, high street store, are a butcher, baker or candle stick maker, delivering potential or existing customers the power to click, purchase, feedback or browse with just one SMS can achieve better results than an e-mail, direct mail or social media campaign.

All the customer needs to experience is a value exchange for the use of their data. Think loyalty schemes, appointment reminders, feedback, surveys, news and updates – all can be sent by SMS and all can achieve responses with the right targeting and planning.

We have plenty of hints and tips to get you started, if you’re not already, and super low bulk SMS prices.

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