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[SPAM] This message was marked as spam – getting your message heard

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With all the different marketing platforms and new technology available to us today, is it easier or more difficult to get your marketing message heard?

Well, the introduction of social media has enabled us to reach our customers and millions of potential customers with a simple post/tweet (huge emoji thumbs up). However with Facebook introducing paid promotions in the ‘Boost Post’ button, organic post reach seems to have been in steep decline (sad emoji face).

Marketers seem to think that Zuckerberg and co. are now giving much more prominence to paid posts and decreasing the visibility of non-paid posts to encourage businesses to start spending.

Tweet tweet, tweet tweet! Twitter has enabled us, the average Joe, to get closer to the rich and famous, and also our favourite brands. With inside gossip, behind the scenes images and offers, Twitter really did get us hooked.

However Twitter advertising and promoted tweets has failed to convince most marketers. It’s poor response and interaction rates has left most brands flustered.

These platforms are great for spreading the word about your brand and if you can get your message to go viral then you really are onto a winner – however with so many tweets and posts being published every second it’s easy for your message to get lost.

Social media marketing stats
Now let’s look at that good ol’ favourite, the email.

Email is a great way to get your message across to your customers, fill the email with some nice images and some links to your website and hey presto we should have a nice little email campaign.

However unfortunately email has been serially abused by many, meaning that spam filters are in full effect, and it’s now harder to get into someone’s email inbox than an expensive posh nightclub wearing trainers and a tracksuit.

Even if you are lucky enough to slip through the back door into someone’s inbox, the chances that they will read your email is limited as we are so used to being sold to via email that we just ignore or delete any marketing emails.

Email marketing stats(Litmus)

Now imagine if you could send an email, tweet or Facebook post and guarantee that 98% of your following or recipients would read it – interested? Impossible right?

Well not exactly. Mobile marketing can help you achieve those aspirational response and open rate numbers…

98% of all texts get read (Frost & Sullivan)

People have their mobile phones on them all day every day, and a simple text message just has to be read. So the next time you are posting a tweet, Facebook post, or sending an email, why not send an SMS version to your customer base, just to guarantee that they really will read your message.

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