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Halloween, payday and Christmas on the horizon – perfect time to send

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Halloween marketing

With this weekend being a payday for most, as well as Halloween and Christmas on the horizon – now is the perfect time to start sending your messages.

We know that the majority of Brits like to get their Christmas shopping done in October, however some might of been waiting for this month’s pay packet to land in their accounts before they hunted online or went to the shops.

With this weekend also being Halloween it adds an extra incentive for customers to reach into their pockets, and Halloween has become an important date for many UK retailers.

Spending over Halloween has steadily increased in the UK as it has become more engrained into British culture, with 29% of UK planning to buy Halloween-related goods (Verdict Consumer Survey) and retailers forecasting a £330 million boost from Halloween spending.

So now really is the time to start sending those text messages and turn any Halloween nightmares you have into profitable dreams.

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