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Business owners and marketers – it’s time we talk about mobile marketing

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As business owners, marketeers or even salesman, we are always looking for ways to market our business more effectively, efficiently and ultimately gain more exposure, sign ups or sales.

And in a nutshell – it’s that pure and simple.

So with this in mind we are always on the lookout for the perfect method, the perfect marketing channel and the perfect day and time to send so we can gain the biggest and best response rates we possibly can.

And to achieve those dreamy response rates, you have to give your customers exactly what they want – but what exactly do they want?

Business mobile marketing

We all receive an extraordinary amount of emails everyday, and with everyone we receive – the importance of them diminishes. We are all tired of receiving spam emails, so our spam filters have got stronger and if one does make it through… it’s usually deleted within seconds without even a glance.

Business mobile marketing  

There must be a better way? There must be a more effective way that generates more response?

Well it’s time we talk about mobile marketing.

We all know about the modern day love affair that we all have every single day with our mobile phones. We love them. We don’t go anywhere in the world without them. We don’t even leave the room without them by our side.

And it’s this strong passionate love affair that makes them such a strong and powerful marketing tool for businesses. We want to communicate via our mobile phones, and text messaging is the perfect platform to do that.

We hear and see huge success stories everyday here at Text Marketer with mobile marketing campaigns, and in a recent survey done by web.com they found that…

Business mobile marketing  

And there is a very good reason why they are seeing those benefits, well in fact there are quite a few, but here are just 3 stats that explain why businesses are seeing such huge benefits of mobile marketing.

98% of all text messages are read

Response rates as high as 45%

75% of people like offers sent via text
(Digital Marketing Magazine)

Now you can see why businesses love mobile marketing so much and how their mobile marketing campaigns see such great response.

Marketing and businesses is about keeping your customers happy and giving them what they want…

78% of people wish they could have a text conversation with a business
(Source: RingCentral)

So why not try mobile marketing today, it’s completely free to sign up with no contracts to sign – we are sure you won’t regret it!

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