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Email vs SMS marketing. Let the battle commence…

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We have pitted these two huge heavyweights of the business marketing world up against each other before… Take a look back here at round one Mobile vs Email.

And here we are again, four years on for round two of this huge marketing battle.

But before we get down to the nitty gritty and start trading blows, let’s see how far each of them have come since our last post.

SMS has been on a fantastic meteoric rise, it continues to grow and grow in popularity amongst businesses and the general public. The mobile phone has become our best friend, it never leaves our side and we would never dream of leaving any room without it.

The sheer number of things you can do with your mobile phone now are simply baffling. Turn on your heating, slow motion videos, mobile banking… the list simply goes on and on and grows by the day. But as that list grows, so does our dependence on the mighty little device. We now don’t want to have to go to our bank to make a payment, we don’t want to buy an alarm clock or buy a camera – we just want our phone to be able to do everything… And in most cases it does.

So onto the email… Well it’s still just about the number one communication channel for business to engage between their customers. But as far as developments go, there isn’t much to report… There is still lots of spam being sent!!

Below is an infographic we have done filled with the latest stats on both channels. But one stat that stands out for us is…

75% of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS
(Digital Marketing Magazine)

We now complete so many of our daily tasks on our mobile phones, we spend so much time on them day to day, and we want to be on them. So we want businesses to send us offers, updates and notifications by SMS… And that number is only rising by the day!

We are not saying it’s either one or the other, a multi channel approach is usually best. However looking at all these stats, you certainly do not want to neglect SMS marketing. So sign up for your free account today and give SMS marketing a go – we are sure you won’t regret it.

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