How brands can maximise sales for Valentine’s Day 2021

Campaign ideas and templates to help restaurants, cafes, retailers and hair and beauty businesses make the most of the love economy during lockdown.

If ever there was a year for brands to show their customers a little more love, 2021 surely fits the bill and what better opportunity than Valentine’s Day – Sunday 14th February. 

Famed for its commercial prowess, the Valentine’s period is often referred to in business as the “love economy“. Mastercard reported a global spend increase of 17% between 2017 and 2019 and in 2020 UK shoppers continued the upward trend, spending an estimated £855 million. Furthermore, despite current circumstances many businesses including those within retail, are still forecasting growth for Spring 2021

So how can brands make the most of this commercial opportunity in 2021? Well, as it’s likely the occasion will be taking place during lockdown, it’s important businesses remain creative. With this in mind, we’ve detailed some campaign ideas and templates we hope will help brands hit the right note with customers this Valentine’s Day.

Illustration of heart shaped hot air balloon with 3 message dots to represent text message

Valentine’s Day 2021 campaign ideas 

Restaurant and cafe owners

As is the case with many special occasions, food plays a huge role in Valentine’s Day festivities – in 2019, dining out was the leading gift category with the highest estimated spend. So although individuals may not be able to celebrate the occasion by visiting your cafe or restaurant, they can certainly still benefit from your culinary expertise. Just as the larger food retailers have begun marketing dine-in-for-two offers, brands can do the same, adapting this offer to their strengths. For example, a cafe could look to promote afternoon tea boxes for two and restaurateurs can offer take-away deals or specialised meal kits.

Moreover, as including a photo next to an item on a restaurant menu increases its order by 30%, what better way to promote these offers to your customers than using SMS web pages. A simple SMS along the lines of our examples below, could encourage customers to click through to a carefully curated landing page showcasing a photo of the Valentine’s afternoon tea box, meal or even someone cooking using the meal kits. What’s more, given that SMS benefits from an average click through rate of 19% vs just 4.2% for email, harnessing the power of SMS for delivery could prove particularly effective. 

A few SMS template ideas for the delivery of your SMS web page:

*Insert customer name*, looking to make Valentine’s Day special? Take a look at our love-ly afternoon tea boxes. Available for pre-order from 10th Feb: *insert URL*.

*Insert business name*: *insert customer name* we’ve been busy in the kitchen! Take a sneak peek at our Cupid approved treats, available from 10th Feb: *insert URL*.

Hi *insert customer name*, need a last minute Valentine’s Day treat? Check out our Valentine’s menu: *insert URL*. Delivery available until 10pm. 


There have been a few overarching trends in sales throughout lockdown, perhaps unsurprisingly loungewear sales have soared. In addition following the implementation of mask rules, eye make-up has taken a larger portion of overall make-up sales than ever before. But as is always the case in retail, it pays to know your customers. So for brands to ensure their campaign is hitting the right notes with customers, we recommend sending a little love via personalised offers or even a Valentine’s ecard via SMS web pages. Afterall, you want to ensure Cupid’s message is delivered directly to your customers and not lost in a junk mail folder. 

SMS suggestions for retail Valentine’s Day offers:

*Insert business name*: *insert customer name*, shopping for Valentine’s Day? See our gift sets for you and your main squeeze at: *insert URL*. To opt out reply STOP

*Insert business name*: *insert customer name* Cupid is coming and to celebrate we have Valentines deals with up to 40% off: *insert URL*. To opt out reply STOP

Suggested text for the delivery of your Valentine’s ecard via SMS web page:

Hi *insert customer name*, to help spread a little love *insert business name* have sent you a digital Valentine’s card…*insert URL*. 

Hair and beauty businesses

Personal care businesses have been inventive throughout the pandemic, responding digitally by introducing an e-commerce approach for the sale of products and even carrying out online consultations to prescribe at-home facial kits. As last year encouraged many individuals to focus further on self-care, Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to promote these services and even introduce Valentine themed self-care packages for both singles, couples and groups of friends planning for Galentine’s Day 2021. 

SMS ideas for hair and beauty businesses this Valentine’s Day:

*Insert business name*: Introducing our brand new Valentine’s themed self care kit! Guaranteed to bring a little sparkle to 2021: *insert URL*. To opt out reply STOP

Hi *insert customer name*, last chance to book your online consultation and receive a personalised facial kit in time for Valentine’s Day: *insert URL*. To opt out reply STOP

Hi *insert customer name*, planning for Galentine’s 2021? Check out our self care boxes and enter GAL2021 at checkout for £10 off: *insert URL*. To opt out reply STOP

Whatever your business decides to do this Valentine’s Day, make sure it involves showing your customers a little love. 

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