Automated bulk SMS

Send automated SMS with Text Marketer

Make business flow with SMS auto response

In business time is money and finding the time to send your customers text messages or responses individually when you’re busy could prove costly. That’s why Text Marketer have chosen to offer SMS auto responders within our Messagebox system.

Working through your chosen purchased keyword on our 88802 short code you can tailor our system to offer up to 8 different automated text message responses over a specified period of time.

Simple automated SMS – we deliver you save

One of the most effective options available, marketing via text message offers open, read and response rates like no other marketing channel. And if you’re looking to send out appointment reminders, out-for-delivery notifications or alerts then automated SMS from Text Marketer is there to assist. Simply add your pre-prepared message text to our auto-responder and plan the chosen time and the prompt for when you wish your recipient to be sent the message.

Simple and successful SMS marketing.