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Text Marketer’s SMS gateway does more than just send SMS, you can receive too, with delivery reporting and complete management of our Messagebox system (a few text marketing tools are even supplied free of charge).

We have dedicated SMS API wrappers to use within our SMS gateway meaning that you don’t have to write any complicated, longwinded coding– however for those of you who really want to get into the mechanics we have the documentation available to master our API along with other advanced functions.

One simple API

We have designed our SMS API to be as simple as possible to allow you to integrate your applications easily. Our underlying transport replies on simple WEB SERVICES utilising HTTP headers in what is generally called a RestFul architecture.

We also offer a basic connectivity service that just requires you to use HTTP GET requests to access our SMS Gateway, you can be up and running in seconds.

We use tier 1 network providers and state of the art components to ensure reliability and the lowest prices.


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