Effortless email to SMS

Send text messages using your email account

Email to SMS Gateway – and SMS to email service

Refreshingly simple, fast and very low cost – our bulk SMS service comes with cutting-edge tools to help make your text messages go further and produce more impressive results.

How simple could it be?

  • Format your mobile number as an email address (e.g 07900122324@textmarketer.biz)
  • Set your API username and API password in the subject window or use domain authentication
  • Type your message into the body of the email
  • End your message with ##

Our SMS API documents hold all the information you need

Check out our Developer Zone for everything you will need to know

Incredibly low prices…

Number of creditsPrice
1 – 10,0002.2p*
10,001 – 24,9994.1p
25,000 – 49,9993.8p
50,000 – 99,9993.5p
100,000 – 249,9993.2p
250,000 – 499,9993.1p
500,000 – 999,9993p
1 million +Contact Us

* 2.2p if you use our double credits offer on your first purchase. Standard rate is 4.3p. Only available to UK routes.
Credits don’t expire on live accounts.
Non UK texts cost 2 credits

CompanyPriceWe save youFree reply
unsubscribe tool
Text Marketer3.6pAverage 56%checkcheckcheck
2 SMS8p59%crosscrosscross
Boom SMS8p59%crosscrosscross
Bulk SMS5.54p40%checkcrosscross
Glover Sure6p45%crosscrosscross
Red SMS4.5p27%crosscrosscross
Text Magic4.8p31%checkcrosscross
Free easy to use special features
Payment flexibility
Pay instantly online by card, generate an invoice to pay by BACS or tell our system to automatically generate invoices when your credits get low.
Address book
Easily upload and manage all of your contacts and use our ‘send to address book’ screen for quick selection of contacts.
Full delivery reporting
Full delivery reports for every message you send. Download to Excel or CSV.
Free unsubscribe tool
Keep your campaigns legal by allowing people to opt out.
Free reply number
Receive replies to your messages with your own txtUs reply number.
Text autoresponders
Send customers a series of pre-scheduled text bulletins or offers
Send personalised texts
Merge data like names and account details to send tailored messages
Send automated replies by email
Send your customers a full html email as well as a text response
Save and store template messages
Create and store all of your messages in one place
Create and manage sub-accounts
Manage credit levels in different accounts and record transfers
Set low credit warnings
Receive a text and email alert when credits fall below a certain level
Recurring invoicing
Generate an invoice automatically when your credits fall below a certain level

*1.8p if you use our double credits offer on your first purchase.
Credits don’t expire on live accounts.
Non UK texts cost 2 credits

No pain, ALL gain with Email to SMS

If you work in a company that has lots of people that need to send SMS, then our email to SMS service might be the right tool to choose. There is no limit on the number of people that can use it and the only requirement is that you have an email system.

The Text Marketer email gateway receives emails and converts them immediately into texts, delivering them to the end users handsets. Email to SMS is one of our most popular SMS tools, users don’t need to login to a web-based system or have IT skills to get up and running.

Bulletproof IT systems

We’ve made a huge investment in our own IT infrastructure, making sure we leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing a service that’s as reliable as we can possibly make it.

Unlimited help and support

Our UK-based support team are here to help no matter what your query or conundrum, we’ll do our best to answer it quickly and efficiently. Simply get in touch.

Free reply number

All accounts come with a free reply number to make it simple and more effective for you to get responses to the messages that you send them.