Text Marketer Cookie Policy

Cookies are tiny files that get placed in your internet browser memory to help enhance your user experience with a website and interactions across the internet. We do not store any personal or confidential information about you.

What does Text Marketer specially use cookies for?

We like many businesses use cookies to help us understand our customer base, and understanding our customer base means we can tailor our business, content and products to suit.

Google Analytics

A very common website tracking tool that is used by most businesses across the internet to see how their website is performing. This tool helps us see how much traffic our website receives, which pages are popular and how people journey around our website, helping us make improvements based on our customer habits. For more information see Google Analytics Website.

Google AdWords and Remarketing

We advertise our website across the internet and we use cookies to help record potentially interested parties. If you have visited our website then you may see on a small number of selected websites a Text Marketer advert. For more information please see Google AdWords website.

Lead tracking

Our cookies information helps us determine where our customer traffic has come from, whether that be a search engine, an advert or direct traffic. Also what the customer search term was, which allows us to see what our popular search terms are for our customers. Althea allows us to create relevant content and pages for our customers.

Affiliates and partners

We have several partners and affiliates and our cookies allow us to see which partner a customer has come through.

How do you turn off cookies?

You can manage and disable cookies within your browser preferences and settings, alternatively, the Interactive Advertising Bureau has produced a guide which explains to users how cookies work, can be managed and blocked by all browser types.