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Since 1999, we’ve been helping companies make the most of SMS. We’re pleased that many are brands and organisations that you’d recognise just as we’re proud of the versatility of our system in all sizes of business. More than 110 marketing agencies have used us to help further develop business ideas for their clients and there’s many success stories to tell…

Trusted by industry leaders to deliver world class mobile messaging solutions

“We use Text Marketer to send out messages with special offers to our customers. Last time we sent out about 900 and generated sales over £510. The system’s east to pick up…”

“We were surprised at the result of this campaign. Sales increased by 32% the day after we sent the messages. We’ll be using this next time we have a promotion on.”

“Your low prices were important but not as important as providing my business with a reliable service.”

“What attracted me to Text Marketer was the price. The cost per text was almost half what I was paying previously and at least 25% cheaper than any other bulk SMS companies that I found. The system is so easy to use, up and running in 5 minutes.”

“The system is very user-friendly, I was using it within 10 minutes. We are now reaching far more customers in an extremely cost effective and efficient way. Reaction from customers has been 100% positive, “great” and ”brilliant”

“Client satisfaction is important to every business as is regular contact with your clients and possible clients. Text Marketer has been invaluable to our company in both these areas. A large part of the increase in our clients is due to the texts we send.”

“Text message gateway with speed”

“I’ve tried all the rest, and gone with the best. When you send a text message using TextMarketer, you know it’s just going to get there and fast. Good value for money and…”

“Awesome Features and Low Cost”

“Amazing product for such a low cost. The website API/Webhooks are super easy to use, with great documentation. Everything works straight away with no problems. Would…”

“Great Customer Service”

“Only just set this up but it is so easy to use and I even got double credits for being a new customer. Its clear to use and the other services i’ve looked at tend to be confusing and…”

“Great easy to use service”

“Easy to use, fast efficient way of getting group messages to all of our mobiles. On the occasions I have needed assistance, I have found the staff to be very helpful. I wouldn’t…”

“Great & easy to use system”

“What I like most about text marketer is their easy to use system. The campaign messages are saved so that you can easily use the same message next time or you can tweak it…”

“Just what I have been looking for”

“I run a small business with multiple students teaching multiple students. We’ve found that lessons get missed, especially during times like Easter Holidays, as tutors and students…”

“Quick, easy cheap and great service!”

“Very easy to use even for a technophobe! Does exactly what I need without any fuss. Staff very helpful and quick response. Very good price too!”

Great Service, Great Price”

“Simple UI, great features and cheap prices. Service has been great from support, got a callback after signing up seeing what they can do for my business.”

“Good customer service, trustworthy”

“I am happy I googled and found textmarketer. A great service and I have nothing but positive things to say. From purchasing my credits, to asking questions, to…”

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We always love to hear from our customers. If your experience has been great, then we’d love to know. If you’ve experienced any hiccups along the way then we need to know – we’re always more than happy to share best practices.

How have you used our Text Marketing platform in a successful or interesting way? We’re always intrigued to learn new methods our customers are using and are grateful to those who share. Whether a review or testimonial, why not give it a go?

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