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Use your free account and our comprehensive APIs and wrappers and you’ll be up and running in next to no time. If you want to just send SMS and don’t want to use our wrappers, it can be done with the minimum of effort using our basic SMS API. You will need some understanding of the HTTP (GET) protocol, some knowledge of a programming language and basic XML.

If you have any integration questions then just call us on 0117 205 0202

Our SMS API documents hold all the information you need

Check out our Developer Zone for everything you will need to know

How can you use our SMS API?

  • Inject numbers directly into your account
  • Create new sub accounts and move credits
  • Create new groups
  • Our service has an uptime of 99.99%

It’s API days with our SMS Gateway

In fact, any communication where your application might send an email, you can send a text message instead (or as well). The main benefit is that 99% of text messages are read, compared to only around 10% of emails. So, if the information you need to send is important, then sending a text via our API or gateway is your solution.

Our SMS Gateway API is great for a quick set up for sending out text messages. Often, people will also want to pipe text responses back into a system or to an email address. You may consider a virtual mobile number to achieve this.


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