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There’s always a success story to be told with SMS marketing, and we’re proud of our system,which has helped thousands of businesses and brands to deliver SMS while saving money,since 1999.

We’re lucky to have such a diverse range of customers from all walks of life, large companies to SMEs from various industries including retail, hospitality and leisure, to name but a few.We’re even luckier to have many that are willing to share their stories of how they’ve used our platform, Messagebox, to reach their customers, clients or staff while on-the-go.

SMS Marketing – how do you use yours?

At Text Marketer we’re always happy to hear from our customers, particularly about new and innovative ways they are choosing to put SMS marketing to use. With a range of intuitive free web tools and API to use in our platform there are a variety of ways you can use SMS to communicate.

Our customers views on our SMS service and support alongside testimonials, reviews and case studies do help us continuously improve our platform to ensure customers always get the best value and even better results, so if you have a moment we’re always grateful to hear from you – why not drop us a line?