Simple SMS surveys

Get the information your business needs

SMS surveys – the easiest way to grab customer feedback

Grabbing your customer’s opinions on what they love about your business, where they think your business can improve and what they would like to see your business provide, can be invaluable in helping your business improve and grow.

SMS surveys provide the most efficient and convenient way to grab that information for both you and your customers. It’s quick, simple and very effective.

Ask questions – and get answers…

Construct and build your very own tailor-made SMS surveys. Ask whatever questions you want about your business, then check the responses and export the data. Easy as that.

SMS surveys – simple, quick and convenient

We have spent time designing and developing an SMS survey system that we are confident you will love… It’s so simple to use and gives you all the analytics and response data that you will need, all at the press of a button.

  • Sign up for your free account
  • Write your own specific survey questions
  • Save and store all your previous surveys
  • Export your surveys response data and survey question answers

What are you waiting for?

See how SMS can work for you in just a few minutes.
No contracts, set up or sign up fees.