Simple 2 way SMS

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Send & receive SMS – choose the right tools for the job

Use a short code to increase responses to your text advertising or purchase a virtual mobile number to receive replies to your 2 way SMS campaigns. Text Marketer provides two tools which allow you to get the most from incoming SMS.

Both are easy to set up, with no sign up fees, contracts or minimum terms.

Virtual mobile number

Having a txtUs© mobile number for your business allows people to reply to the messages that you send them. Customers can also text you directly.

All incoming texts can be received through your email as well as being stored in your Text Marketer account. This means you can keep track of what has been sent and received – the full thread of the conversation is stored.

Short code SMS

Our Short Code SMS platform allows you to generate text responses from advertising using our 88802 short code.Expect an uplift in response of about 20%.

We offer two main types of keywords. Value keywords start with a number (e.g 2book) and cost just £5 per month. Standard keywords are any word of your choice and cost £25 per month.

What are you waiting for?

See how SMS can work for you in just a few minutes.
No contracts, set up or sign up fees.