Simple 2 way SMS

Easy and manageable with better success

Send & receive SMS – choose the right tools for the job

Use a short code to increase responses to your text advertising or purchase a virtual mobile number to receive replies to your 2 way SMS campaigns. Text Marketer provides two tools which allow you to get the most from incoming SMS.

Both are easy to set up, with no sign up fees, contracts or minimum terms.

Virtual Reply Number

If you have just sent someone a text then it makes perfect sense for them to be able to reply to it.

Most people are unlikely to immediately pick up the phone or go online. So having an incoming SMS reply number is the most logical way of asking people to respond.

Short code SMS

For all direct response advertising campaigns there is a strong argument for including an incoming SMS response option.

This is becoming increasingly more mainstream as companies realise that they can generate a higher response and subsequent sales by encouraging their customers to respond.