Virtual Mobile Number

A text number unique to your business

From SMS to email…and back again with txtUs

Your txtUs virtual mobile number allows you to receive replies to your texts, or people can also send you a text directly.

Incoming texts go straight to your email inbox and web-based account. Your replies are automatically converted back to text for your customers. Just like email, the thread of conversation is stored for you.

All accounts come with a free txtUs mobile number that can be configured to an email address.For a dedicated txtUs number it is just £10 a month, with no minimum term.

1) Send out a campaign and promote your virtual mobile number on your website, social media and in-store
2) Customer replies or sends you a text message
3) Replies can be sent to you by email, where you can also reply by email to which our clever system will turn it back into a text

The how and the why of our virtual mobile numbers…

So that you can keep track of what’s been sent and received, the full thread of the conversation is stored(just like an email trail). In fact, it works exactly as if you were having an email conversation with a customer.

We don’t have any long term contracts, you simply pay monthly and you can cancel your virtual mobile number at any time.

  • Sign up for your free account
  • Add a number to your account…
  • …and you are now ready to receive texts – it’s as easy as that!

Incredibly low prices…

Number of creditsPrice
1 – 10,0002.5p*
10,001 – 24,9994.6p
25,000 – 49,9994.3p
50,000 – 99,9993.9p
100,000 – 249,9993.6p
250,000 – 499,9993.5p
500,000 – 999,9993.4p
1 million +Contact Us
* 2.5p if you use our double credits offer on your first purchase. Standard rate is 4.9p. Only available to UK routes.
Credits don’t expire on live accounts.
Non UK texts cost 2 credits.
CompanyPriceWe save youFree
reply number
Free keywordFree
unsubscribe tool
2 SMS8.0p59%
Boom SMS8.0p59%
Bulk SMS5.54p59%
Glover Sure6.0p59%
Red SMS4.5p59%
Text Magic4.8p59%
Free easy to use special features
Payment flexibilityPay instantly online by card, generate an invoice to pay by BACS or tell our system to automatically generate invoices when your credits get low
Address bookEasily upload and manage all of your contacts and use our ‘send to address book’ screen for quick selection of contacts
Full delivery reportingFull delivery reports for every message you send. Download to Excel or CSV
Free unsubscribe toolKeep your campaigns legal by allowing people to opt out
Free reply numberReceive replies to your messages with your own txtUs reply number
Text autorespondersSend customers a series of pre-scheduled text bulletins or offers
Send personalised textsMerge data like names and account details to send tailored messages
Send automated replies by emailSend your customers a full html email as well as a text response
Save and store template messagesCreate and store all of your messages in one place
Create and manage sub-accountsManage credit levels in different accounts and record transfers
Set low credit warningsReceive a text and email alert when credits fall below a certain level
Recurring invoicingGenerate an invoice automatically when your credits fall below a certain level
*2.5p if you use our double credits offer on your first purchase. Credits don’t expire on live accounts. Non UK texts cost 2 credits.

What are you waiting for?

See how SMS can work for you in just a few minutes.
No contracts, set up or sign up fees.