Bulk SMS for marketers who want to keep things simple

Message your customers for as little as 2.5p. Get the tools to create, send and manage campaigns for free.

Low-cost bulk SMS marketing with the features you need (and actually use)

Affordable prices and a straightforward system that does what you want it to do. That’s us. No complicated setup or downloads. No pointless bells and whistles. No jumping through hoops to send a text. All bulk, no bull.

Spread the word in minutes with Message Box

Message Box combines the simplicity of a messaging app with the functionality of a marketing tool. Sending is fuss-free. 

Type your message or pick a saved template, add custom fields, and enter contact and campaign details. Then choose when to send. It’s as easy as… well, sending a text.

Send your SMS now, later or sometime in between

Got an urgent update for customers? We’ll have it there in seconds. 

Preparing to launch something exciting? Schedule your message to send when the time’s right. Expecting high demand? Send your SMS over a set period so the response is manageable for your team and systems.

Store and manage contacts in one place

Upload customer contact details from a spreadsheet (CSV file) in a few clicks. Easily find, edit, move or delete details to keep your address book up-to-date.

And create quick-select groups to segment customers and send SMS messages that are relevant to them.

Set up automations to work so you don’t have to

Automate bulk SMS for commonly sent messages like welcome texts, order confirmations, offer codes and more. 

Set them once and let the sales roll in, while you focus on other important things like growing your business or deciding what to have for dinner. 

Give bulk SMS a personal touch

Personalise bulk SMS messages without the (unthinkable) effort of manually editing each one. 

Add contact names, company names, email addresses, location details, and custom data like website links, account information or order numbers, in a couple of clicks. So every recipient sees a message that’s unique to them.

Make mass messaging a two-way conversation

Gather feedback for products or services or collect competition entries with a free reply number and shortcode or virtual number.

And in the unlikely event people no longer want to hear from you? It’s all good. Your free unsubscribe tool makes it easy to opt-out. We play by the legal rules here.

Create and manage multiple accounts

Set up new accounts or add new users to manage different sites, offices, or clients. 

Each team member can run bulk SMS campaigns and manage credits. It’s a simple way to keep messaging relevant. And prevent Steve in London receiving an offer meant for Jen in Dundee.

Track results with automatic reports

Who received your message and who didn’t? Who replied and who unsubscribed?

Get all the information you need to manage and improve bulk SMS campaigns. Presented in easy-to-understand charts and tables, and ready to download in one click.

Connect Text Marketer to your platform

Want to send bulk SMS from your platform? Use our API to let our system talk to your system.  

Combine our delivery reliability, bullet-proof IT and 100% uptime with your set-up to run campaigns.

Get a helping hand whenever you need it

Call upon a team of SMS obsessives who’ve been delivering tech support and expert advice since the Nokia 3210 was the must-have phone.

We’ve got you covered for everything from what to write to how to send messages and manage accounts.

Pay for what you need, nothing more

Buy the credits, keywords and virtual numbers you need, when you need them. Or automate top-ups to add credits to your account when you get low. 

No set-up fees, hidden charges or contracts, and your credits never expire. Plus, get double credits on your first order up to 10,000.

Incredibly low prices…

Number of creditsPrice
1 – 10,0002.5p*
10,001 – 24,9994.6p
25,000 – 49,9994.3p
50,000 – 99,9993.9p
100,000 – 249,9993.6p
250,000 – 499,9993.5p
500,000 – 999,9993.4p
1 million +Contact Us
* 2.5p if you use our double credits offer on your first purchase. Standard rate is 4.9p. Only available to UK routes.
Credits don’t expire on live accounts.
Non UK texts cost 2 credits.
CompanyPriceWe save youFree
reply number
Free keywordFree
unsubscribe tool
2 SMS8.0p59%
Boom SMS8.0p59%
Bulk SMS5.54p59%
Glover Sure6.0p59%
Red SMS4.5p59%
Text Magic4.8p59%
Free easy to use special features
Payment flexibilityPay instantly online by card, generate an invoice to pay by BACS or tell our system to automatically generate invoices when your credits get low
Address bookEasily upload and manage all of your contacts and use our ‘send to address book’ screen for quick selection of contacts
Full delivery reportingFull delivery reports for every message you send. Download to Excel or CSV
Free unsubscribe toolKeep your campaigns legal by allowing people to opt out
Free reply numberReceive replies to your messages with your own txtUs reply number
Text autorespondersSend customers a series of pre-scheduled text bulletins or offers
Send personalised textsMerge data like names and account details to send tailored messages
Send automated replies by emailSend your customers a full html email as well as a text response
Save and store template messagesCreate and store all of your messages in one place
Create and manage sub-accountsManage credit levels in different accounts and record transfers
Set low credit warningsReceive a text and email alert when credits fall below a certain level
Recurring invoicingGenerate an invoice automatically when your credits fall below a certain level
*2.5p if you use our double credits offer on your first purchase. Credits don’t expire on live accounts. Non UK texts cost 2 credits.

Don’t just take our word for it…


“We were surprised at the result of this campaign. Sales increased by 32% the day after we sent the messages. We’ll be using this next time we have a promotion on.” – Steve Hallet, Store Manager, Bathstore

Land Rover

“The Text Marketer system is low priced and incredibly efficient.” – Mike Haigh, Land Rover

What can you send with Text Marketer Bulk SMS?

Welcome texts
Order updates
Special offers and discounts
Sales and event notifications

Get started with a free customisable template

Frequently asked questions

How do I send a bulk SMS message?

We’ve built Message Box to make sending bulk SMS simple, regardless of technical expertise. 

Go from idea to pinging customers’ phones in four steps:

1. Select an existing contact list or upload a new list from a spreadsheet (CSV file).

2. Enter your sender details (e.g. your company name) or choose a reply number.

3. Write your SMS and personalise it with customer details.

4. Hit ‘Send now’, or choose to schedule or spread send your SMS.

Can I send bulk SMS messages from my phone?

Phone, laptop, desktop, tablet, games console. Message Box is browser-based. If your device connects to the internet, you can login and send messages at any time, from anywhere there’s a decent 4G or WiFi signal.

How many text messages can I send in a bulk SMS campaign?

As many as you want. There’s no limit to how many customers can message in one campaign. 

If your list is huge, it might take minutes rather than seconds to deliver a message. But our major network partners will get it there.

Are you really the cheapest bulk SMS service in the UK?

Yep. Although, we prefer ‘low cost’ to ‘cheap.’ We’re classy like that. 

Wait. Have you spotted a lower price? Let us know. We’ll match or beat it. No one is taking this crown from us.

Can I send bulk SMS for free?

Yep. Get double the credits on your first order up to 10,000. So, that’s up to 10,000 messages you can send for free. 

What are you waiting for?

See how SMS can work for you in just a few minutes.
No contracts, set up or sign up fees.