How to use an SMS Gateway

Our SMS Gateway is extremely powerful indeed. It allows companies to connect to our systems and send out messages 1 at a time. Although this sounds a bit old-fashioned in these days of huge numbers of bulk SMS, it has some considerable advantages.

By integrating with our SMS Gateway you can effectively ‘text enable’ any software, website of web service. Also, each message can be tailored to the recipient. For example, banks use this service for bank balance notifications and alike.

One of the most powerful ways we’ve seen it working is for confirming information to customers automatically. For example, when a package is going to be delivered or what the status of an order is or a change in flight times, the list is endless. And, unlike email, people always have their phones with them and so the information is to hand.

You do need a certain level of expertise to integrate web systems or software with our SMS Gateway but it isn’t difficult. For the technically minded amongst you, it is a simple ‘HTTP GET’ request.

An easy example of how this can work is password distribution on sign up. To try it, sign up for a free SMS account and you’ll see that particular method in action!