How RoughTrax increased sales by over 19% for next to nothing using Bulk SMS – could you?

Further to our article, Top 5 Tips for increasing sales using Bulk SMS, one of our customers RoughTrax (a mail order supplier of Toyota Hilux parts) decided to follow our Number 1 Tip …. follow-up text messages to customers after a sale.
We asked Barry Hemmings, Director at RoughTrax how it worked for him and these are the figures he gave us;
“We send out around 1,000 orders a week and followed up each an every sale 2 days after delivery with a text which costs us £37+VAT using Text Marketer”
And the results were . . .
19.23% increase in the total sales value of those customers that were sent the text to – Fantastic!
There are other advantages to doing this too – positive word of mouth increases when you follow up a sale with a thank you message – resulting in more sales from brand new customers.
RoughTrax sent the following message;
“Thank you for your recent order. If you need anything in addition within 7 days we will give you a 5% discount. Regards, RoughTrax. 0117 986 9065.”
Why not test the same concept on a group of your customers for a few weeks and see if you can achieve the same fabulous results?
Get a free Bulk SMS account and why not try it on your customers? If you had a 19% sales value increase from your customers and more positive word of mouth, would it be worth it?