How can you benefit from our free SMS keyword and shortcode text response system?

Ever seen a TV Ad’ that says, “Text BROCHURE to 69888 for more details”? Why do they do this instead of just having a phone number for people to call?

Simple really, study after study has shown that you if you give people the opportunity to respond by text message, they do! In fact, on average, around half of people will respond by text who otherwise wouldn’t – resulting in a 100% uplift in advertising response! That’s why all the big companies do it.

Isn’t it expensive?

Traditionally, yes. But, here’s the good news – we offer this text response service to any UK company 100% Free.

Why would you do that!? Surely there’s a catch?

For over a decade we’ve been helping businesses benefit by adding text message marketing into their mix and we’ve found that once companies find out how effective it is they increase their activity and volumes of Bulk SMS.

As the UK’s lowest cost, dependable Bulk SMS supplier (we even produce a Bulk SMS competitor price comparison chart to show price differences) we therefore hope that if you choose to have a free text response keyword and it works for you, you’ll naturally use us for Bulk SMS (although there’s no commitment to do so).

What could I use a free text response service for?

There’s the obvious for advertising purposes to gather responses but once you have the free platform you’ll discover a whole host of other uses as well as being amazed how much customers enjoy interacting with you by text message.

For example, on a free keyword HOLS for a travel agent one could consider;

  • “Text HOLS and your email address to 88802 and we’ll e-mail you our latest holiday offers”
  • “Text HOLS and your favourite country to receive text alerts on holiday deals for that country”
  • “Text HOLS OFFERS to receive text alerts on all our holiday deals”
  • (From a simple question), “Text HOLS then A, B or C and receive a £50 discount voucher if you get the right answer”
  • “Text HOLS and your planned next holiday date and we’ll contact you then to advise of our best deals”
  • “Text HOLS WIN to enter our prize draw for a free holiday”
  • and so on …..

If you’d like to see how quickly and efficiently the service works, text DEMO to 88802 and you’ll receive on of our standard welcome Text Marketer messages.

How do I get the data from people responding?

You get all the incoming data, their mobile number, date and time of the message and the full content of their message.

There are 3 ways to retrieve that data;
1. You login to your free SMS account and download all the data to a spreadsheet
2. And/or, you can have each and every response emailed to as many email addresses as you like
3. And/or, if you’re a bit more technical, you can integrate into our SMS Gateway to receive the data directly to your web application. This will allow you to do clever things with the responses.

I hope that gives you enough information for now and some ideas.

Why not try a free keyword on our shortcode and see if it works for you, there’s nothing to lose and a huge amount to gain!