SMS Gateway Explained

How to use an SMS Gateway

What is an SMS Gateway? How would one use it? Is it different to sending text messages in Bulk? There is a full article about SMS Gateways on Wikipedia but read on if you need proper detail!

The critical difference when using an SMS Gateway is that you send each message uniquely, not as a batch. This gives you control or merge capabilities. A classic example would be sending bank balances by text message. Each one would have to be unique and this is where SMS Gateways come in.

You need a small amount of technical knowledge to integrate with our SMS Gateway, but we have helped as much as possible by compiling articles on how to integrate an SMS Gateway which should help you along.

One of the most popular web languages to use is PHP. To assist PHP programers wanting to integrate their applications into our SMS Gateway we have compiled the following;

SMS Gateway Specification – Including PHP Code examples
A simple send class example in PHP 5 for sending text messages through our gateway
Receiving SMS via a Gateway. A PHP 5 Class code example for implementing listeners.
Delivery reporting on our SMS Gateway. Collecting reports.
Using an SMS Gateway with Short Codes

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