PHP 5 Delivery Report Helper Class for our SMS Gateway

Class Name: ProcessDeliveryReport

This class enables you to access your delivery reports in a nice simplified way. You can search for the outcome of a message for a given number, specify the outcome and the number, download all the data for the given date or parse the reports line by line.
The constructor requires the delivery report directory that is shown in your account. To find your  delivery report directory, log into your system click the menu heading “Reports” then select “Delivery Reporting”, you will see a green icon, roll over this and you can find the directory name at the bottom.
If you have sent a message greater than 160 characters you will find multiple entries for that particular number . For instance if your message was 200 characters you will find 2 reports for that number. A message is built from 160 chunks

Example of use

$reports = new ProcessDeliveryReport ( "Kt65CZMtxlIiEU328ilCBgC38" ); // your delivery report directory
if ($reports->setReportDate ( "20-05-09" )) print_r ( $reports->findNumber ( "44777777777", "r" ) ); // print the array of results
else echo "Not found";