What do the outcome definitions mean on my delivery report?

A delivery report is generated for every sms campaign that you send. The report is labelled with the campaign name or ID that you set when the campaign was submitted.

The report lists all the mobile numbers that you sent to and provides you with an outcome for each number.

Very Important – please note the following:

We do not charge for delivery reports and we are completely reliant on the networks to supply them to us.

The networks will not provide any sort of guarantee on the provision of delivery reports.

A lack of delivery report does not in any way indicate a non delivery or a failed message. It simply means we have not received a delivery report from the relevant network.

Outcome Definitions
Delivered – The phone received the message and a delivery receipt was collected.

Sent – The message is out for delivery. Different networks vary but in general they will try to deliver the message for up to 48 hours.

Failed – There are a number of reasons why you may have received a failed outcome for a message;

The number is inactive and is not recognised by the UK networks as being a live number.

The number that you sent to is incorrectly formatted or an incomplete number (e.g – 0791134454 – one digit missing).

The number being sent to has a text forwarding service activated.

No Signal – The phone was out of range and stayed out of range until the message expired. (After 2 or 3 days.)

Handset switched off – The phone was switched off and message expired (After 2 or 3 days)

Some hand sets (including iPhones) have a feature that will only allow messages to be delivered with a numeric sender ID. Messages sent with your company name as the sender name for example, will not be delivered to hand sets with this feature active.

Some smart phones have a function that will only allow the delivery of messages from known numbers.

Older handsets have a maximum inbox size, so when the inbox is full, the message cannot be delivered.

Phones that are outside the UK and do not have roaming enabled will be unable to receive messages.

Sometimes a message can ‘hang’ on the network even though a phone is switched on and has good reception. If the user switches their phone off and on again the message is usually then delivered immediately. (Anyone who owns an iPhone will be familiar with this phenomenon!)

The networks do not offer a guaranteed 100% uptime service. They do experience traffic bottle necks and delays occasionally. O2 only recently had a 24hr outage on all their services; voice, data and text.