How much does it cost to send text messages?

Text Marketer account pricing information. How much does it cost to set up?

Text Marketer does not charge a set up fee and accounts come with 10 free test credits.
To open an account click here. There is no monthly or running fee.

How much do the texts cost?

Text Marketer provides the best possible SMS service and support for the lowest possible price. Our prices are the lowest in our industry. Visit our customer price comparison table to see how our prices compare. Bulk SMS messages are the lowest in the industry.

What is the minimum order value?

The minimum order is £10.00 + VAT which buys 204 text credits.

Do unused text message credits expire?

When you have purchased your text credits, they never expire, so you can take months or even years to use them up.

How many text credits does it take to send a message to the UK?

Just 1. We have a transparent pricing policy, 1 text credit = 1 text sent, simple.