How to Send an SMS Campaign to a Group

Send to Group

Send to Group allows you to send an SMS Campaign to a single group or multiple groups of mobile numbers that you have uploaded into your Text Marketer account.
(Click here to find out how to upload numbers to a group.)

Go to Send SMS, and then select Send to Goup .
Select the group/s that you wish to send to by clicking. If you wish to send to multiple groups, hold down the CTRL key whilst selecting.

send bulk sms to multiple list of mobile numbers

Give the campaign a name in the Campaign Name window, your delivery report will be named with whatever label you type here. You can also set the sender name for this specific campaign if you want it to be different from your default setting.
With the message, you have a choice. You can either type a message directly into the Message Text window or you can select a message from the Message Library using the drop down arrow to access the list.
You then need to set the date and time that you wish your campaign to be sent on.
If you would like the campaign to be sent over the course of the day, you can select an end time for the campaign. The text campaign will then be sent out evenly between the times selected (Note: this function is not available if sending to multiple groups).
When you’re ready, press Submit.
You’ll then be taken directly to the SMS Activity Log, where you’ll see your campaign queued and waiting to go. The date and time of the campaign is indicated on the left hand side.
If you need to stop the campaign for any reason you can hit the Abort link any time before the campaign is submitted.
When your campaign has been submitted, the entry in the SMS Activity Log will turn from red to grey, indicating that it has been sent the networks.