WD-40 Launches Text to Win Competition

Think of lubricating oil in a can that you can spray and there’s only one brand that leaps to mind…the dependable and versatile old favourite, WD-40.

This amazing stuff seems to have been around for years and almost every household in the land must have a half used can under the sink or in the garage. (The red plastic tube used for accurate spraying always seems to get lost on its first or second use.)

The folk at WD-40 have identified a dizzying 2000 uses for the product in the household. Admittedly, some of these are somewhat obscure such as ‘cleans old muffin tins’, it still however remains an impressive and surprising list.

Along the theme of the product’s versatility, WD-40 has launched a cunning text to win competition aimed at introducing some of the more common uses of the product to its customers.

On all standard sized cans you’ll find a list of uses for WD-40 in the home. One of these uses has been deliberately duplicated. So the idea of the text to win competition is to ask customers to read through all the amazing things that the product will do and identify the one that’s doubled up. You then text in your answer to a five digit short code. The monthly winner, drawn from all correct entries, wins a choice of some fantastic adventure days out.

After the competition, all the entrants will receive regular bulk sms text alerts giving them ideas on how to use WD-40 around the home.

Working with marketing agency SMP, Text Marketer has been chosen to host the competition which will run until November 2009.