BBC Cult Kids' TV Show Leaps Into Mobile

Unless you are under 12 or have young children you will never have heard of cult kids’ TV show Lazy Town. It’s a surreal Lazy town - text to winmix of real actors, puppetry and computer animation, set in a day-glo world where good triumphs over evil. Like all good children’s’ programming, it is even watchable by adults and is quite unlike anything else you will have seen.

As with most successful programmes, it has spawned a stage show (who can forget the critally acclaimed Postman Pat Live) that is currently touring theatres in the UK and Ireland. The tour started in April 2009 and will end in December.

As part of the audience participation, the show is running a text to win competition that is being hosted by Text Marketer. The idea is that fans can win the chance for the entire cast to visit their home for a live (and possibly slightly disturbing) personal lazy Town experience. The sms campaign is being promoted during the show interval by projecting the competition instructions directly onto the safety curtain. This is perhaps the first time that theatre safety curtains have been used to promote a mobile marketing initiative.

To enter, players text in the keyword lazy, followed by the answer to a Lazy Town related question to a five digit short code. Lucky winners are then notified by text. Players can also opt to receive bulk sms alerts on other events that are being panned.

Text Marketer provides low cost sms marketing tools to a number of independent theatres and groups that allows them to incorporate sms marketing as part of their communication and CRM strategy. (Clients include, Ambassador Theatres and Live Theatres.)