5 winning ways to make your company's Christmas sales sing along like a carol

The Text Marketer creative team have been at it again, coming up with fabulous new ways for our customers to use SMS Marketing which makes a real difference to their business.

There’s an old adage I always think of in our business, you never know until you try. How true this is. So many companies still don’t get the use of SMS in their business, yet, as soon as they’re out of the office they’re on the phone texting ninety to the dozen! What could be a more obvious advert for texting!? This is how people want to be communicated with nowadays.

Anyway, to those who have realised that using SMS is 5-10 times more responsive, 90% cheaper and 100% greener (probably the ones reading this, let’s face it!)  let’s get on with how to make this Christmas a stunning one for your business.


True in all direct marketing but because of the mobile phone’s personal nature, even more so with Mobile Marketing. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes before you send them a message, ask yourself (amongst other things);

– What’s their lifestyle like student, working mum, shift worker, retiree?
– When will they be most likely to read the message you’re sending them?
– What will be the most important things on their mind right now?
– How can we give that particular customer exactly what they want!?

See database segmentation for SMS Marketing for more

Once you’ve done this you’re (according to Direct Marketing Association research) you’re about 70% there in terms of a winning SMS campaign.

5 winning Bulk SMS Campaigns for Christmas

These won’t exactly fit every business but with a little tweaking the concepts are the same for most:

1. Inform customers about opening hours, ordering deadlines, etc for the Christmas period

Whilst this seems mundane, it is proven to have an excellent response rate. It shows you care about your customer and also communicates a sense of urgency about getting your order in before the big rush.

2. Contact customers who ordered from you this time last year

An often overlooked strategy. If they bought from you last year, there’s good chance they’re still in the same market this year.

3. Drive traffic to your website

Some companies are paying £1 or (sometimes much) more per click on Google AdWords when a text message costs just a few pence! If you’ve got something special on your website for the festive season, tell people about it by text.

4. Get a much better sales response to your E-mail campaigns

Much in the same way companies used to advertise on TV, New Christmas brochure out in our shop tomorrow, text customers to tell them, for example, Latest Christmas offers arriving by E-Mail tomorrow please order early to avoid disappointment. This will boost open rates and orders significantly. See get better e-mail open rates for more.

5. It’s Christmas send them a present!

This will depend on your business but try to think of a small gift you can give your customers’ maybe a Christmas ringtone (has viral marketing benefits too!), a virtual advent calendar, a free Christmas mobile game, a money off voucher, etc. etc. A small gift can go a long way in a customer’s eyes and will also help positive word of mouth advertising.

If you need any help, support or advice, don’t be afraid to give us a call. If you don’t already have one get a free Bulk SMS account and give it a go.
Merry Christmas and an SMS-powered prosperous New Year!