System Update – Unsubscribe Service Now Live on Bulk SMS Service

Our development team has been busy recently building a range of new tools for our main bulk sms service. We’ll be reporting these new tools and what they can do for our customers over the next few weeks.

One of the main reasons that sms is such a responsive direct marketing channel is that if hasn’t been ruined in the way that e-mail has, by endless spam. Open rates for sms campaigns run at over 95%, whereas e-mail open rates have sunk to as low as 2 or 3%, (source Mobile Marketing Association).

To keep your customers happy and to make sure that you can’t be accused of text spamming them in any way, it’s a good idea to have an opt out service that allows you customers to opt our from receiving further texts from you.

How does an sms opt out service work?

The opt out service works, using a keyword and a five digit short code. Customers who wish to unsubscribe from your list, simply text a unique keyword to a 5 digit short code. Their mobile number is then captured by your account and added to your unsubscribe list.

Your account will then always check your unsubscribe list before sending out an sms campagn. This means that you cannot send an sms to an unsubscribed customer by mistake.

How do I set up the unsubscribe service on my bulk sms account?

Setting up the unsubscribe service is free and your account will have already been allocated a 4 letter keycode. Full instructions on this can be found here.