How to promote your Business using Mobile Marketing

What can Mobile Marketing do for you?

Ever wondered why all the big companies use Mobile Marketing?

If you think any of your customers own a mobile phone (and there’s a fair chance of that) then, a lot.

In a recent study 66% of British consumers said they want to receive SMS alerts from companies they deal with. But, only 3% of them do! Clealy, this is a huge opportunity for those companies who embrace mobile marketing to positively differentiate themselves from their competitors by satisfying this 63% ‘demand gap’.
There are 3 main ways businesses should use Mobile Marketing today:

  • SMS Alerts – instead of emails or letters, send an SMS with any reminders, offers, appointments, etc.
  • SMS Competitions/Voting/Research – use 2-way (the ability to receive responses back) messaging to run competitions or conduct customer research.
  • SMS Text Response (see the video) – have the ability to receive sales enquiries & customer feedback by text message.

The last one of these is crucial. If you give people the choice, half will respond to an advert by text and ad’s with a text response option generally get a 15-20% higher response rate!

Customers want and like mobile marketing but some companies seem reluctant to embrace it as part of their marketing strategy. The ‘big boys’ have been doing it for years and year on year a larger percentage of their marketing budget is going on mobile – this says a lot.

Using Text Marketer’s SMS Software you can integrate the 3 main mobile marketing ‘musts’ from above within a matter of minutes. Our text message prices are the lowest in the industry and backed by our Best Buy Guarantee. There are no set up, monthly fees or contracts so why not start satisfying the 63% ‘demand gap’ with your customers?