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Examples of how to use our Email to SMS Text Gateway

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Ever thought about how to use Email to Text? Businesses up and down the land send millions of notifications per day by email and as we all know a huge percentage are never getting to the inbox, let alone being read!

The Mobile Marketing Association recently released data on the ‘read rates’ of SMS, 97% of text messages are opened, 83% in one hour but typically within 4 minutes.

So, if you want your customers to get your messages – texting is the way to go.

Using our Email to SMS Text Message Gateway you can simply reformat your alert emails from your system/s so that they go out by text message.

Here’s some great examples of using Email to SMS:

1. Ecommerce order confirmations - sending a text doubles confidence rates in the order process.
2. Dispatch confirmations – when a package is sent, send a confirmation text with tracking info. This can reduce ‘where’s my order’ calls by 50% or more.
3. Email merge – send personalised text messages in bulk using simple email merge tools freely available.
4. Staff alerts – if the alert is urgent to your staff or colleagues, send it by text, it’ll be there immediately, wherever they are.
5. Systems alerts – many different online systems have email alerts when there are problems. Great if you’re sat at your computer but if you’re not, also configure systems to send an Email to SMS alert for backup.
6. Customer/patient appointment reminders – many companies, health services, gyms etc. send appointment reminders by email and many just don’t get read and the appointment is missed. Using our Email to Text service ensures your reminder is read, hugely increasing the chance the appointment will be kept.

There are of course many other examples of how you could employ Email to Text within your business.

You can try it out all automatically online. First set up a free Text Marketer account (includes 10 free text credits) then read the Email to SMS instructions and send your first text out through the gateway. ‘Simples’.

More information on pricing, etc?

If you have any general questions about pricing, setup, payment or almost anything else, try the Text Marketer Help Centre.

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