SMS Marketing 'Toppest' Top Tips!

It’s been a busy few weeks here at Text Marketer. All the marketing departments are full again after the summer holiday season and brimming with new ideas for their mobile marketing strategies, a lot of which include SMS Marketing.

I’ve spoken with A LOT of marketing people and agencies over the 12 or so years I’ve been in SMS Marketing and there’s one common theme amongst a lot of them. They’re just not sure, “how to get going” or  “what to try first”.

Over the years, my colleagues and I have tried to write useful articles which cover just about everything to do with using SMS in the marketing mix. But, for this article I wanted to create a ….

‘Toppest’ Top Tips SMS Marketing Mega Compilation

– General – How to promote your business using Mobile Marketing
– General – 5 top reasons you shouldn’t ignore mobile marketing
– General – SMS Marketing vs Direct Mail
– General – How not to run an SMS Campaign
– General – Save Costs  & Time – a hidden benefit of SMS
– Messages – Top Tips for writing successful SMS Marketing messages
– Case Study/Ideas – How one company increased sales 19% for next to nothing
– Tips – Top 5 tips to increase sales with SMS Marketing
– Starter – Top 5 Starter Tips for SMS Marketing ‘newbies’
– Surprising – Use SMS to get better Email open rates!
– Text Response – Top 5 reasons for doing so
– Email to SMS – Use your email software to send SMS
– SMS Gateway – build SMS into your software or ecommerce platforms
We’re going to keep building on this list so that you have a ‘one stop shop’ of links to useful information about SMS Marketing.
Of course, don’t forget to give us a call if you ever want personalised advice on your specific campaigns.