How to Cancel a Keyword on SMS Short Code 88802 or txtUs Subscription

You can cancel your keyword or txtUs number from within your Message Box account. To do this, once logged in, click on ‘Financials’ in the main menu.
Within Financials you will see the ‘subscriptions and alerts’ panel, here you will see a list of all your keywords and txtUs numbers you may have.
Alongside your Keyword or txtUs number, click on the drop down menu and select Cancel. You will then be asked to confirm that you wish to cancel the subscription. By confirming, your subscription will immediately be cancelled and your keyword or txtUs number will be removed from your account at the end of the current subscription period.
Google Wallet subscriptions
If your your keyword or txtUs number was paid for using Google Wallet subscriptions, you can also cancel your subscription by logging directly into your Google account. To do this, simply login to your Google account and cancel your subscription with Google. Text Marketer does not hold your Google login or credit card details.
(Note that we no longer use Google Wallet to handle new subscriptions).
As soon as your monthly payment has been cancelled your keyword will automatically be removed from your account.
Please note that if you need to download data from the short code log, do this before cancelling your keyword as the data cannot be retrieved once a keyword has been cancelled.