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The Lowest Bulk SMS Prices Anywhere

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Text Marketer reduces Bulk SMS Prices by almost 25%.

As part of our Best Buy Guarantee we guarantee to bring customers the best Bulk SMS Prices always. Today, after substantial negotiations with the networks, we have managed to make a significant reduction in our text message marketing costs.

Our biggest reduction is to our ‘headline’ starting price, down to 3.7p from 4.82p for bulk SMS purchases of 1-9,999. This is almost a 25% reduction in that price which will positively affect the majority of small business text marketers.

All our other price bands have been lowered too so everybody will benefit.

Nobody beats us ..
We have conducted a comprehensive review of the entire marketplace and are pleased to announce that Text Marketer’s Bulk SMS prices are the lowest in the UK – to prove it, we’ve published all our competitor’s SMS prices on our site. Our Best Buy Guarantee commitment to our customers means we will continue to strive to bring them the best deal.

Just in time for Christmas ..
Christmas is an exceptionally busy marketing time for companies but we have managed to get this price reduction in in time for companies to make maximum use of cheaper bulk text marketing – boosting ROI’s across a broad range of SMS Marketing activities.

If you want to take advantage of the lowest cost Bulk SMS in the UK then get a free text marketing account today with 10 free credits.

If you’re an existing customer then no need to do anything. These new low cost SMS rates have already been applied to your account and you’ll benefit from them on your next purchase.

As a company, we are committed to bringing all our customers the lowest possible prices on Bulk SMS.

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