Mobile Marketing – Papa John's Increase Sales By 33%

A remarkable example of the efficiency and effectiveness of mobile marketing as a communication medium has emerged from one of our customers in the fast food sector.
Grant Wiszniewski, operates the Papa John’s pizza franchise in South Shields and is always looking for new ways to increase business. He used Text Marketer’s mobile marketing system over a period of three weeks and increased his sales by 33%.

SMS Marketing Results

• Approximately 8100 bulk sms messages sent
• 318 redemptions
• Redemption rate of 3.9%
• Average spend per customer £13.56
• £5.30 generated for every £1 spent
• Average weekly takings increased by 33%
The message itself was a simple price based offer.
“Any Pizza, any size, including our massive 16″ – £6.99 collection or £8.99 delivery”
Grant, the owner of the business commented.
‘I am extremely pleased with the outcome of this campaign; I would never have predicted such a high redemption rate. My weekly takings are up and I am now looking for more delivery drivers and this can only be down to the extra customers that we have won through this text marketing. I have already booked to do another marketing campaign in January for both my stores.’
In terms of return on investment, you couldn’t hopeforclearerdemonstrationof how powerful mobile marketing is and the results that can be achieved.
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