How to send Single or Bulk Text Messages using your Email Program

Most of us are used to sending one or many emails but this is how to use your email program in exactly the same way but the text of the email gets converted and sent as a text message to mobile phones.

Step 1 – Convert mobile numbers to an email address

Basically, you just need to append “” to the end of each mobile number to convert it to and email address to use with our system, so 07777888999 becomes for example. Here’s a handy Excel sheet where you can paste the mobile numbers in column A and the conversion will happen automatically in column C for you to copy and paste into your email program’s address field.

Step 2 – Create the email message

It’s mostly like creating any email message; – Enter the recipient, if you need to send the message to more than one person you will need to use the extended method.  In the subject line, use your Text Marketer username and password in the format “myAPIusername%myAPIpassword” – Write your message and simply ensure you finish the message with ##. This tells our system this is the end of the text message so it doesn’t send your signature, etc. Here’s an example;

That’s it. Hit the send button and all your text message will be sent out to the recipient immediately. Of course, you’ll need a Text Marketer account first with some credits and to get a username and password.
Note: You can change the authentication method to that of your domain instead of putting the username and password on the subject line for example if your email address is “” you can authenticate against “”. You can also change the message termination string ## to what ever you like or disable it, these changes can be made by logging in to your account and navigating to “Settings” => “Account Settings”.


If you’re new to this and want to try it, use Promo Code EMAIL50 and you’ll get 50 Free Credits when you open a free account, no commitments, so you can try 50 Email to SMS’s free on us to see how easy it us. Why not give it a try? PS. There are more detailed instructions on our Email to SMS Gateway here if you want to use more advanced options.