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Mobile Coupon Text Message Campaign Delivers 28 Per Cent Redemption Rate

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Coca Cola brand Sprite has just completed a 6-week Sell Your Mother mobile couponing campaign in Denmark. Sprite used web-based mobile coupons, offering consumers a free bottle of Sprite in a chain of nationwide stores. Due to the large number of stores, the coupon solution had to be easy for staff to handle. Sprite also wanted to measure the conversion rates rate from reception of the coupon to final redemption in store.

Over the course of the 6-week campaign, 4,531 coupons were sent to mobile phones, and these were viewed a total of 8,499 times. 2,051 coupons were opened, and of these, 1,279 were redeemed against the free bottle of Sprite, giving a redemption rate of 28 per cent.

Source: MobileMarketingMagazine

Running a Mobile Coupon Marketing Campaign ‘the easy way’

It couldn’t be easier. Simply create some promotional codes and text these to lapsed customers or customers who haven’t bought for a while. If you sell online most e-commerce packages will accept promo codes – even PayPal or Google Checkout allow you to create them. If you only take phone orders that’s fine too, people will give you the promo code they received when they order.

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